Why Get In and Get Listed?

5 Directories Serving 5 Regions


RedBk's five (5) Regional Directories are more relevant allowing for more targeted marketing and local relevance.


RedBk five (5) Regional Directories will allow anyone to list, business and individuals alike, regardless of network provider (landline & mobile).

Cost Effectiveness

RedBk listing and advertising pricing model is significantly more competitive compared to other options.

Wide Reach

There will be multi-channeled access to RedBk's directory information - inclusive of the printed directories

Our Promise to You

To better serve all personal and business clients, large corporate, SMEs, and micro (any vendor) by providing them with the opportunity to be part of a directory service that gives them greater access to their current customers and potential customers.


Since You Asked. Here's What You Need to Know About RedBk, The Alternate Telephone Directory.

RedBk (and i have to keep restraining myself from typing RedBook), plans...
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New telephone book launched in Jamaica

A new business and personal telephone directory is to be introduced in Jamaica...
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Telephone directory competition for LIME

RedBk Jamaica Limited plans to launch by year end an all-inclusive directory...
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RedBk the real game changer

RedBk Jamaica Limited is preparing to officially launch in the coming weeks...
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